Industrial Metalz

Industrial Metalz was started to satisfy my desire to have high end furnishings that are Industrial, Bold, and Minimalistic. Earlier in my life I thought more was better (just like many other people in my generation). But as I got older I realized that all I want and need is the basic necessities. And even though I don’t need a lot, I still have the desire for higher end items. You see, I’m the type of person who believes in buying something of higher quality now, so you’re not wasting your money down the road purchasing it again. So after a life changing event, I moved into a one bedroom condo in Jacksonville, Florida. This was the perfect time to downsize and begin my quest to find my minimalistic and long lasting furnishings. After several weeks of searching in stores and on the internet I was exhausted. Everything I found was made of thin materials and inferior finishes. I realized then that I would have to fabricate what I desired to have. As my ideas came to fruition, I realized that others may also want what I was in search for. I’ll be continually designing and building new products as Industrial Metalz grows. I envision my company bringing high end, custom products, that you and many others will cherish forever.

I started out with my living room tables. The top are made of high quality one inch solid aluminum. They have a grain that is addicting to look at. I catch myself just staring at them several times a day (even as I’m writing this). The legs are machined and polished to have a mirror like reflection, they are three inch solid aluminum. The tops and legs are both anodized. This is the “finish of choice” for aluminum and is the most durable. Only the Imagination can Wonder how many generations these tables can be passed down. If you want an Amazing Table that everyone will admire, time after time, you may have just found it!

I’m here to make sure you are satisfied before, during, and after your purchase. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to view them in Jacksonville FL. I also can give you a custom quote on different sizes or heights.